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The Pro’s Pro

Helping Real Estate Brokers and
Investor Loan Specialists
Close More Business!

Plus... You Get Paid!

  • Did you know you can earn mortgage income?

  • Quantiv Capital proudly offers multiple RESPA-compliant compensation structures for our brokers and investor specialists.

  • Find out how Quantiv Capital can assist you in selling more real estate and show you how to get paid mortgage income monthly!

Creative Mortgage Solutions
Help You Sell More Real Estate

QC Listing Agent.png
Ground-Up Construction
  • 6+ projects in the past 5 years

  • 90% of project cost

  • Interest-only options available

QC CPA P&L.png
  • 6+ projects in the past 5 years

  • 90% of purchase price and 100% of rehab

  • Interest-only options available

DSCR Investor Loan
  • Up to 8 unit properties

  • Short-term rental data accepted

  • FICO as low as 660

  • Interest-only options available

QC Graduated Payment.png
Graduated Payment Program
  • Our lowest payment possible

  • 5 year graduated payment

  • No prepayment penalty

  • 30 and 40-year interest-only options available

QC DPA.png
Down Payment Assistance
  • A second lien covers the entire 3.5% down on a FHA loan

  • Only requires a 620 FICO to qualify. Works best on a FICO of 660 and higher

QC 1% Down.png
1% Down Conventional Loan
  • Your clients can receive a 2% credit on a conventional 3% down loan

  • Imagine how much more business you could close if you could offer a 1% down option to your clients

QC Trust Income.png
Trust Income Loan
  • Trust can be created on day 1 with no vesting required​

  • For clients with assets, easier than a bank statement loan, with more available cash credits than an asset depletion loan

  • 30 and 40-year interest-only options available

QC 1099.png
1099 Loan
  • Only a 10% expense ratio reduced from your income (as opposed to 50% for a bank statement loan)

  • Only 10% down

  • 30 and 40-year interest-only options available

QC CPA Gross Receipts.png
CPA P&L Loan
  • CPA letter

  • CPA Profit and Loss Statement

  • 2 corresponding bank statements

  • 30 and 40-year interest-only options available

And Many More Creative Solutions!

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